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We provide knowledgeable and reliable legal counsel to business owners in negotiating, formulating and documenting contracts and transactions. We want to help you be confident in your decision when the contract is finalized.

Assistance with Drafting & Reviewing Contracts

Our Santa Clarita business law attorneys can handle all phases of forming contracts from initial negotiation through the "deal memo," all the way to the final documentation.

If you are drafting a contract, Donahoe Young & Williams LLP will construct terms that are clear, explicit and specific to facilitate understanding by all parties. Ambiguous contracts are generally interpreted by Courts against the party who drafted the contract. Our Santa Clarita business lawyers can help you with all of your contract concerns and use our over 100 combined years of experience in law to create a contract that will clearly reflect your agreed upon terms. We can also help you with contract disputes. If you are facing disagreements over a contract, we can effectively represent you in court.

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